Your Furniture is Retail Evolution Pty Ltd’s master furniture database and retail management platform.

We will need to give you a user login to look under the bonnet but just ask us and we will allocate you one to have a look around.

Your Furniture is where we store the data of over 60 major furniture suppliers with product data of over 5000 furniture products and over 25,000 photoshopped images.

Imagine instead of a cupboard full of ring binders all the information is available on your computer, your iPad and even your phone.

The responsive front-end website enables your staff to bring up every piece of product information and pricing on an iPad or phone without needing to leave the customer. You can even do business whilst at a social function or a service station.

The Your Furniture Supplier and Category pages present in full screen and show every supplier product in as large a format and as beautifully as the original images allow.

If your customers are looking for a product you don’t have on the showroom floor your staff can show them large full screen images and prices to help your customers make a choice.

The brains behind Your Furniture is Retail Evolutions massive database and supporting Administration back-end portal. The following gives you an overview of it’s complexity.

On first inspection a quick navigation link to every suppliers data can be selected bringing up Supplier ranges. Alternatively range and product data can be accessed via the list of supplier’s page.

From the Administration dashboard a list of the suppliers ranges with quantities of products accesses the list of products.

New suppliers, their contact information and relevant information can be easily added making it easy for staff to inform customers and contact the supplier directly and place orders.

A simple product pricing form allows the multitude of pricing variations to be entered and managed. Upon changes in supplier wholesale prices the changes can either be imported via a csv or manually updated via the product pricing form.

Part of Retail Evolution database platform is our user management capabilities and its ability to manage the logins, user privileges, and who has access to wholesale prices and what retail pricing staff have accessed to.

You will love this next part! This is where we manage what pricing options are displayed and which pricing data is included. The simplicity of how these components are added or excluded and the supplier pricing options panel functionality keeps every thing very clear.

Click on the image to the left. It’s pretty self explanatory. This part of the administration portal allows us to include or delete any number of supplier ranges. They can be made to appear in in the preferred order sequence.

This is a module created as a result of years of retail frustration. The Retail Evolution ticketing system enables stores to generate product tickets in minutes rather than hours. You will be excited once we demonstrate it to you.